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June 4, 2008

Events and Celebrating the Seasons: National Gardening Association‏

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Montessori Graduation 6/19 at 8:30am

F.Y.I. : Montessori Graduation time change : FROM 10:30 a.m. TO 8:30 a.m. 6/19


F.Y.I. : For all you composters. LM

Question: Can you explain “lasagna” gardening? I keep hearing about it, but am not sure what it is.

Lasagna Gardening

Rebecca says: Think of lasagna and the layers needed to make it. Now think of a compost pile and the layers of green and brown materials used to make it. Lasagna gardening uses the same principles — but directly in the garden right on top of the soil! This means there’s no digging and no rototilling. And the best part is that it really improves the quality of the soil and encourages beneficial microbes, bacteria, fungi, and other life in the soil.

Lasagna gardening starts with a layer of brown corrugated cardboard or newspaper laid right on top of the soil. The additional layers are alternating “brown” and “green” materials. “Green” might consist of grass clippings, kitchen scraps (vegetables and fruits), manure etc. “Brown” includes autumn leaves, shredded newspaper, dried debris etc. These are piled and layered to the height of about two feet and then allowed to decompose and break down. By season’s end your “lasagna” will be transformed into a rich, crumbly soil loaded with life.

Ask Rebecca Gardening Information

Visit Celebrating the Seasons for more from Rebecca Kolls and the National Gardening Association.


Also, don’t skip this. LM

This is a link to an excellent article on Garden Safety and Children and Pets.


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