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October 30, 2008

Upcoming Events – November

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We like to keep you posted about stuff going on in our neighborhood. Here are three events coming up—one Friday October. 31, one this Saturday afternoon, November 1 and another on the evening of November 6.

We think these will be of interest to you.

1. West 107th St. has been coming together with their own block association. Trick or treat candy will be distributed to children by the group between 3 and 6PM on Friday Oct. 31 at 62 W. 107th St. between Manhattan and Columbus. There will be pumpkin carving too!

2. November 1 Harvest Festival/Day of the Dead

honoring the harvest season and departed souls

On Sat. Nov. 1, 12noon-5pm

at the La Perla Community Garden

(between Manhattan and Columbus

Avenues on W. 105th St.)

Festival includes:

Mexican family activities for celebrating and honoring departed souls.The event will feature crafts andstories provided by El Comite Guadalupana de la Iglesia Ascension.

The West Side Streets Renaissance Campaign will have a table with ideas for changing streets to make them safer for people walking, cycling and driving.

(Vendor spots available at $20 for general merchandise or $40 for food. If interested, please call Lulu-646-736-8450)

Please share with friends and neighbors!!


The History and Future Of Our Neighborhood’s Underground Waters!

The Old Streams

Drinking Water

Waste Water

From the 1800’s Aqueducts on 100th Street, to the Gothic Water Tower on 98th Street and the Underground Streams still flowing under the new construction, our neighborhood has included notable structures above and below ground to direct our drinking, waste and natural waters.

Where does our water come from and go?

6 – 8 p.m.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bloomingdale Library, 160 West 100th Street

(between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues)

Second Floor


Kevin Bone, Author, Water-Works:

The Architecture and Engineering of

New York City’s Water Supply

Invited Commentators from the

NYC Bureau of Waste Water and the New York

Public Library Map Division.

Park West Neighborhood History Group


Business Improvement District (BID)

For further information, call 212-865-3078

Jean L. Jaworek


October 21, 2008

Garden Conservancy Event – Nov 7

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Photo courtesy of Len Jenshel and Diane Cook

The Garden Conservancy Presents 

The Garden Metropolis

Exploring the relationship of people

and plants in the changing city

Cosponsored by GardenDesign_logo

Friday, November 7, 2008

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The New York School of Interior Design

170 East 70th Street, New York City

As our cities continually expand and develop at a fast pace, the interaction of people and plants assumes a narrowly focused but essential interplay. This one-day seminar will showcase the strong design and thoughtful planning currently transforming our urban green spaces. Garden writer and editor Stephen Orr has invited the experts responsible for many of these lively spaces to share their ideas about how people of all backgrounds experience nature on an everyday basis.

Learn more about this event and REGISTER.

Registration fee:

$135 for non-members

$120 for members of the Garden Conservancy and New York School of Interior Design students.

Seating is limited, so please register early.

For more information, please call (845) 265-2029.

Lunch will be served in the New York School of Interior Design Café, and the day will conclude with tea and cookies. Relevant books will be available in the school’s bookstore.

Forward this message to a friend.

To learn more about the Garden Conservancy, please visit our website www.gardenconservancy.org

National Headquarters: PO Box 219, Cold Spring, NY 10516/ P: 845.265.2029/ F: 845.265.9620/ info@gardenconservancy.org | West Coast Office: 38 Keyes Avenue, Suite 116, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129/ P: 415/441-4300/ wcprog@gardenconservancy.org

Fall Festival This Saturday – October 25

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Hello Gardeners!

The garden is looking very bright and festive in preparation for our event on Saturday.

Thank you to all that came out on Saturday to help decorate, move dirt and clean out the shed to make room for winter storage.

Also thank you to everyone posting flyers and forwarding e-mails to publicize our Fall Festival.

The Special Events Committee is requesting some additional help from anyone available and willing to contribute.

We could use the following donations:

1. Baked goods to sell at the garden table – please wrap your cookies, muffins, brownies or mini loaves individually for easy selling
2. Hot mulled cider to be sold at the garden table by the cup – this is a great money maker when the weather is nippy. The orange igloo cooler is the perfect container and it can be found in the large shed in the east lot.
3. Donations of Halloween Candy – very easy to find these days at the grocery and drug stores
4. Harvest your herbs and put them in a small sandwich bag with a label – they are so expensive in the supermarket and usually more than we need to buy at one time. Herbs are an easy item to sell.
5. Cups for cider

Any and all donations can be dropped off at the garden the morning of the event – 11am. If you want to make arrangements to drop off items prior to Saturday, please call Veronica at 212-774-1944.

Also, if you are available for an hour or even 45 minutes to man the garden table, relieve someone that is on duty or just generally help us out with the festivities, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Let Veronica know what you are able to contribute: vdoubleu@usa.net

Or simply come out on Saturday and look for Raleigh, Paula, Lou, Veronica or Jean and ask where your help can be used.

Reminder of the details:

West 104th Street Community
Fall Festival
Saturday, October 25th
11am – 4pm

Frank Schaap and Josh Levine will start performing acoustically at noon.

The raindate is Sunday, October 26th

Vendor spaces are only $15
Call Julia to reserve a spot: 212-316-2964

October 13, 2008

Saturday Workday: Construction and Sanitation committees

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Construction: We will try to assemble some more benches. I think we have lumber and sides for two more.

We need to work on repair of the gazebo, but I’m thinking we may want to hold off on that until after the event. I need to review this with Frank Grech.

Sanitation: Clean up before the event is important particularly on the East side. This might be the time to get rid of a lot of misc. junk.

So everyone knows, when Robin and I went for the pick up Sat. we got some wonderful plants; however, there were no roses available. Also we were limited to 30 bulbs for our garden. We got mainly tulips and a few hyacinths.

Most of the plants were placed in the gazebo. Robin took some over to the Western lot for the communal beds.

Moss in the City – October 2008

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Share the Harvest

October is one of my favorite months. The temperatures begin to cool down. The rich purple flowers of fall-blooming colchicums and crocuses burst from the ground like the royal goblets of … more >>

spacer There's usually plenty to share. (Photo courtesy Yvonne Savio).
Urban green space contributes to a healthy ecosystem. spacer

Reducing Urban Flooding

Many parts of the country have been hit with devastating floods recently, and in urban areas the problem can be especially severe. Urbanization itself — clearing trees, draining wetlands, and paving the ground — makes flooding worse. Most natural landscapes absorb rainwater and allow … more >>


Saving Seeds From Annuals and Perennials

With the arrival of fall the annuals in my garden are winding down. One particular cleome put on a dazzling display this year. It volunteered near my vernal witch hazel and quickly branched into a candelabra of pink and white flowers. Next year … more >>

spacer Cleome seeds can be planted this fall for next year's show.

October Q & A

Question: Recently, I was wandering through a large garden center and discovered rubber mulch. Can it be used like regular mulch? Is it any good? more >>

October Gardening Tips


  1. As a family activity, paint some of your pumpkins instead of carving them all. Use nontoxic paints to create colorful, scary faces, or whatever you can imagine. After Halloween, use the pumpkins to make bread, muffins, or pies with the kids.
  2. Pot up amaryllis, gloxinias, freesias, and other winter-blooming bulbs now for blooms by Christmas.
  3. Spend some time outside under the Hunter’s Moon. The full moon in mid-October is one of the brightest of the year. Enjoy brisk evening walks before the cold months arrive.

October 12, 2008

Celebrating the Seasons – October 2008

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For those with weekend getaways, Lucille’s Deer repellant tip might help. She uses Deer Scram with almost 99% success. Also, deer don’t like/avoid yellow flowers: marigolds, daffodils (only the yellow ones), etc.

This month in the National Gardening Association’s “Celebrating the Seasons” newsletter, Rebecca Kolls writes on Wrapping Up the Season, Boo-wiches or using fall produce to create fanciful sandwiches for the kids, Decorating for Halloween and a tip on caring for a 9-foot-tall arborvitae hedge.


Moving Mountains

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Dear Gardeners,

If you’ve been by the garden lately you’ll have noticed a small mountain in the east garden. It’s dirt–very nice, rich dirt, that we ordered last week. It all, or most, has to go to the west garden in time to clean up for the fall fest. It’s a very big mountain. Alan & Susan spent several hours today hauling dirt and they hardly made a dent. This is a case where we really, really need everyone in the garden to help. Especially if you’re signed up to work on communal beds, this is your time to shine.

This will not all get done in one workday even if it doesn’t rain (which it might}. Any time you can give this week will help–stop by after work and haul a couple of wheelbarrow fulls to the west garden.
We’ll mark a central dumping spot and leave the wheelbarrows out by the mountain. You’ll just need to get a shovel from one of the sheds. You can even take small loads to ease the back aches–every little
bit helps. This is doable if everyone pitches in.

October 10, 2008

Down and dirty

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Hi guys,

It’s official, we’re getting the soil highest grade according to Matt, Central Park’s expert in the matter. The vote was overwhelming: 2 against, 1 abstaining, all the rest for.

After some cajoling, the owner of the company agreed to deliver a little less for a little less…16 cubic yards for $464.

Lou went to the garden at 8 a.m. to ward off cars and welcome the delivery. Anne will head up the workday effort — first getting bricks and rock out of the communal beds (they’re just a few inches under) and digging up tender perennials before we put the soil down, and then replanting them. Lou has said he’ll help oversee distribution of the soil, and Ariel has said that she’ll help: basically 4 inches in the West communal gardens and herb garden, a pile in the back shade garden (that I’ll spread around when I get back), and about 1/3 inch topping for the lawn in the West garden. East garden will get the soil after the festival.

If you have time, pls. start moving the dirt this weekend, piling it up in spots so that it can be spread out after rocks & plants are removed.

Hurray for dirt!


October 6, 2008

Green Guerrilla’s giveaway update

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Please advise if you can lend yourself/transport to pick up the many dozens of plants, shrubs and bulbs requested for our garden on:

Saturday, October 11th
11am to 3pm

9 and C Community Garden
Located at the northeast corner of 9th Street and Avenue C
(Not La Plaza Community Garden on the opposite corner.)

We hope that you and/or anyone else from your garden group will be able to come at that time. Also, we and the 9 and C gardeners will have some light refreshments to celebrate the season and get to know one another. Feel free to bring something to contribute

RSVP to Suzanne: suzcharle@gmail.com . If we don’t have any volunteers, we’ll have to rent a van for somebody with a driver’s license to use for this pickup. Please RSVP by Tuesday to give Suzanne time to reserve a van? Thank you, LM

October Calendar

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Saturday, oCT. 11 — Plants pickup from Green Guerrillas Giveaway 10AM-3PM,
Avenue C and 9th Street, NW corner garden (Not La Plaza garden which is across street)
See my earlier e-mail re: this large number of plants for community beds both sides.
Call Suzanne (212) 665-4604 for details, re: loading Ave C & 9th loading and unloading in
garden thereafter

Saturday, Oct. 18 – October meeting and workday. 10:30 AM Meeting, work projects 11 to ?

Saturday, Oct. 25 – Fall Festival: including Flea Market 11AM-4PM for the adults, musicale throughout, and 9th Halloween parade/party from 1–3PM for the kids. Contacts: Julie (Flea Mkt) (212) 316-2964 to reserve vendor tables (on street) @$15; Lou (Halloween) (212) 666-9733 to donate/help distribute party decorations and goodies.

Volunteers to setup, take down decorations and man garden table are also needed.
Call Veronica ((212) 774-1944 re: overall help needed.


New Yorkers for Parks for free daffodils from Holland for community and building gardens supplied Oct.4th and 24th in Manhattan (other dates in Bronx, Queens and Staten Island).
Suzanne has already e-mailed you re: this pickup.

Green Thumbs for providing the porta-potty all summer at discounted rate to GT gardens,
including ours.

Dept of Parks for scoping out renovation of the leaning retaining wall (south of West garden shed) and adding it to Park’s requested budget for 2008-2009. If money obtained, work would be done after garden season ends in the fall. Will let you know if and when.

Green Thumbs for checking out the dying ailanthus tree, and possible removal of same before
it falls across rear fence of East garden next to 12 W, bldg. Will let you know if and when.

Nora Whysel for so well setting up, then maintaining and updating our garden website all

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