West 104th Street Garden

December 7, 2008

The Compost has landed!‏

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We lucked out!

It was a relatively hassle-free delivery, with the alternate side car-parkers cooperating.

The compost is rich, dark and delicious. And there is LOTS of it, we didn’t take the full truck load because it was just too much.

Fortunately the port-a-potty has been taken for the season, so we don’t have to worry that we are blocking it with our new mountain.

Please be careful as you pull the tarp away to grab your share. We used the tarp that was used when the fence was painted silver.

Therefore on the one side of the tarp there are lots of silver particles that shake off as you move it. This will contaminate the soil, PLEASE do your best to handle it delicately.

If anyone has a fresh / spray paint-free tarp that they can offer as an alternative to the one we used, please be generous and share it 🙂


P.S. two issues:

1. If anyone knows the “generous” landscaper that keeps dropping off the white and HEAVY bags of bad soil for our use, please ask him to stop.
These bags are inhibiting our ability to open the delivery gate.

2. Tree guards are not yet installed and this is a good thing because the dump truck would not have been able to access the delivery gate.

Do we want to consider not installing this guard due to the likelihood that it will prevent future deliveries?


NGA Regional Gardening News – Mid-Atlantic Edition

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In My Garden
New Regional Blogs!
That Goes, This Stays in the Winter Garden
Shows & Events: Cast Your Vote for a 2008 Garden Hero

Books: Perennial Garden Care Tracy DiSabato-Aust’s “The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: Planting and Pruning Techniques”

Regional Reminders
* Dig Your Holiday Tree Hole Now
* Fertilize Spring and Summer Bulbs
* Leave Ornamental Grasses and Select Seed Pods
* Empty, Clean and Store Nonweatherproof Containers
* Pop In Pansies, Dwarf Evergreens

National News:
New Award-Winning Christmas Melon
Community Gardens Add Value to Inner City Homes
New Biopesticide Controls Tomato Blight and Mildew
Garden Gloves for Animal Lovers

Read the full newsletter at: http://www.garden.org/regional/report/current/13

Mulchfest January 10 and 11

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Chip in! Mulch your tree! Help NYC grow.

Chip in and join the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation at MulchFest 2009! Stop by any of the 30 chipping sites in all five boroughs on January 10th and 11th from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. with your Christmas tree and watch it get turned into mulch! You can even take home a free bag of fragrant mulch. Or just drop your tree off at another 60 locations citywide, and we’ll do the rest. Not only will it help make NYC greener, it will help your spring flowers grow too!

Call 311 or visit www.nyc.gov/parks for a list of citywide locations.

(Jean notes that although all sites take trees, only a few will give you the chips. These sites have an asterisk next to them (the Central Park site is NOT one of them), so if you want to take the mulch back, be sure the site is willing to do this.)

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