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April 28, 2011

Artful Rain Barrel Auction at South Bend Museum of Art

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Not in New York but I thought this was really fun. My mom sent me pictures from the South Bend Regional Museum of Art’s Rain Barrel exhibit to raise money for the Center for a Sustainable Future at Indiana University at South Bend. It’s kind of like our painted cows a few years ago, only rain barrels!

Original Art Rain Barrel Auction
Location: South Bend Museum of Art
Time: ‎7:00PM Friday, May 6th.
Facebook Invitation: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=141409532589171
Center for a Sustainable Future: http://www.iusb.edu/~csfuture/inthenews.shtml
Auction Catalog: http://www.auction-info.com/viewauction.asp?AuctionID=406

I love the dress code: “Evening wear and garden gloves recommended but not required!”


April 26, 2011

PlaNYC: A Greener, Greater New York‏

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Received today from Larry Scott Blackmon, Deputy Commissioner for Community Outreach:

Hello Gardeners, and Happy Spring!

In the year that I have been at Parks, I have had the opportunity to get to know many of you and listened to your concerns. One thing I heard frequently was that you wanted your contributions recognized as an integral part of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC initiative.

On Thursday, April 21, Mayor Bloomberg presented an update to PlaNYC: A Greener, Greater New York. At this launch, facilitating urban agriculture opportunities and community gardening were listed among its top three initiatives going forward. Specific milestones to be completed by 2013 include:

  • Increasing the number of volunteer gardeners registered with GreenThumb by 25%.
  • Launching a multi-agency study to identify City-owned properties suitable for urban agriculture.
  • Creating five additional farmers markets at community gardens and,
  • Increasing the number of registered school based gardens to 150.

This important commitment to community gardens and other forms of urban agriculture by the administration is a testament to your hard work and dedication. Thank you for all you do to improve our communities.

Please log onto the PlaNYC website or click here to download a copy of the updated plan.


Larry Scott Blackmon,
Deputy Commissioner for Community Outreach

April 10, 2011

Meeting Minutes April 9, 2011

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West 104 Street Garden April 9, 2011 Workday Meeting Minutes

The meeting was chaired by Ann Levine

Ann announced that free seeds supplied by Green Thumb were available for distribution to members

Jean Jaworek discussed the enhancement to the Garden’s composting efforts this season. In particular, the Garden has received a grant from the City to make the composter available to the broader community as a source of “green inputs.” Jean’s plan is that this material will be collected during open garden hours. Jean will be preparing information sheets for members of the garden and the broader community about this plan.

Ann relayed two requests by the new co-chairs of the East Garden communal beds committee, Mary Kelly and Janice Vrana. The first request was that the front fence of the east garden be painted to match the fence in the west garden. This was approved in principle by the members present, although no expenditure of funds was proposed or approved for this purpose.

The second request was that the butterfly bush on this side of the garden be removed. This proposal was amended by the members present, who approved that the bush be cut back severely, and that efforts be focused this season on keeping the bush properly pruned to limit its size.

Ann announced that the City;s new rule prohibiting smoking in public parks applies to the Garden. Melissa Glowski explained that the city was working on signage regarding the new policy, and that the plan was to rely on peer pressure for enforcement.

An extended discussion occurred of proposed changes to the rules governing private events that take place in the garden. The consensus of the meeting was that a deposit be required for such events, which would be returned if those responsible for the even cleaned up after themselves. The consensus of the meeting was also that this deposit be large enough so that the danger of forfeiting it would be effective in encouraging those holding events to clean up after themselves, and that the fee structure should require a lower deposit amount from Garden members and a higher deposit from non-members. Ariel Behr offered to draft a revised proposal that took these views into account for further discussion at the next meeting.

At the suggestion of Joy Chang, the new membership co-ordinator, it was agreed that the Garden application would be amended for next season to permit members to opt out of having their email addresses provided to the Garden membership by way of appearing on the membership roster.

The members present approved the posting of a small sign that provides information about the small sculpture that has been installed in the West Garden.

Shane Nye and Melissa Glowski explained that efforts to obtain a Port O San for this season are underway.

Nikki Kowalski promised to distribute the updated list of committee assignments to the membership by email later in the day.

Ann announced that individuals who were moving out of an individual garden bed, either to relocate to another individual bed or to leave the garden altogether, have until April 18 to remove their plants from last season’s bed.

Ann announced that no personal flower pots could be used for growing things in the Garden either in the aisles, along the fences, or on the fences. The co-chairs of the East Garden communal beds, which has a number of this type of pot left over from last season, will be working to remove them.

Ann announced that that the inventory committee, chaired by Janice Vrana, had bought new plastic watering cans because the price of new metal ones was prohibitive. Members are encouraged to buy used metal cans in good shape for the Garden if they find them at flea markets, etc.

Paul Froelich announced that the Herb Garden Committee would be meeting later in the day to discuss what would be planted for this season.

The maintenance committee agreed at the request of the members to paint the red wheel barrow that is peeling.

The next workday meeting is on Saturday May 14, 10am-12pm.

April 7, 2011

West 104th St Community Garden Wins Composting Contest

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Borough President Stringer, Manhattan SWAB and Citizen’s Committee for NYC announced the winners of the first-ever Manhattan Community Scale Composting Contest. Twenty-three winners, including our own West 104th Street Community Garden, among other community gardens, Manhattan schools, and neighborhood organizations, will receive grants of up to $750 each to purchase equipment, tools and materials to start, expand and grow neighborhood composting programs.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer presents Composting Contest winners (West 104th St Community Garden represenative Jean Jaworek in beige)
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer presents Composting Contest winners (West 104th St Community Garden represenative, Jean Jaworek in beige, standing behind President Stringer).”

The contest was launched to promote green and sustainable practices in Manhattan and winners were announced on the first day of Spring.

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