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November 30, 2008

Edible Landscaping – December 2008

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This month Edible Landscaping closes the year with thoughts on sunlight, pawpaws and mushrooms. Lucille mentioned that Mary Wakino is a great mushroomer!

Edible Landscaping is on sabbatical until the Spring. If you’d like to continue receiving good gardening information on a regular basis, subscribe to the National Gardening Association’s Regional Reports e-newsletter. In each biweekly report, experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and events specific to 12 regions across the country.


November 19, 2008

A Solstice Tea – Back by Popular Demand

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Neighbors and Gardeners-

Mark your calendars for a Solstice Celebration Tea on Saturday, December 20 at 3:30- 5PM in the W. 104th St. Community Garden.

Like last year, there will be:

-A can drive (Donations going to City Harvest)

-A Solstice illumination spectacular

-A warming fire

-Plenty of hot tea and tea time goodies

This year, ALL NEW:

-A warming tent

-Burning of the T. E. Jaworek Memorial Solstice Log

-Pennies from Heaven; Spare Change for Cats

(Purge your home of all the loose those pennies sitting around.  Bring them to the garden and donate them tothe care and feeding of our exterminating felines.)

November 3, 2008

Garden Closer Potluck – Sun Nov 23

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Attention Gardeners,

This year the garden closer potluck will be:

Sunday, November 23rd
(this is a date change from what was issued on the calender at the beginning of the season)


Schneider Apartments Community Room

West 102nd Street
between CPW & Manhattan Aves

It is important that you attend because we will be collecting membership forms / payment for the 2009 season.

The earlier you register the better are your chances for getting into the committees you want and priority on plot assignments.

Please bring a covered dish to share.
Keep in mind we will also need plates, napkins, forks, spoons, cups etc.

Also important:

The garden needs to be cleaned up and prepared for winter!
Please take advantage of the good weather this weekend and get into the garden to put away Halloween decorations,
clean up your beds, distribute soil from the mountain, mow the lawn, put away everything that is not weatherproof.

We need EVERYONE‘s help with this.  If you have been missing meetings all season, now is your time to clear your conscience and put in your part.
Now that we have a strong Steering Committee and healthy committee structures, there will be less likelihood that absent gardeners will be slipping through the cracks.
The Steering Committee will definitely be looking at your participation level when deciding if you deserve
to be awarded your very own plot – this huge privilege, not a right.

Be a good gardener, do your part and let’s finish the season on a positive note!

Thank You!
The Steering Committee

November 2, 2008

October Workday/Winter Wrapup

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The Saturday Oct. 18 workday was one of our most productive!

Garden members:

1. Pushed wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of soil up the hill from the East to the West garden, where it was deposited in communal beds and spread over the main and maze lawns. The East garden beds and lawns were treated as well. The dirt mountain is now just a hill.—This was hard labor! Special thanks to the mountain movers. (Also to the anonymous “promoter” who pinned a sign to the hill, “Potting soil–$1,” before the Fall Festival.)

2. Cleared, cleaned, and reorganized the shed in the East garden, which had gotten to be a jumble. Much needed housekeeping.

3. Decorated the garden with hay bales, old and new dolls, skeletons, a spider, pumpkin and ghost balloons, etc. for the Fall Festival. Seasonably scary.

4. Put together yet another bench. Hurray.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in that Saturday –and to those who worked on the mountain by themselves the week before.

There’s a lot more to be done to close down the garden for winter.

Come out this weekend; the weather is gorgeous!

The Steering Committee

November 1, 2008

Edible Landscaping – November 2008

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FYI — I don’tthink any of us grow potatoes, but perhaps leeks? Buy the potatoes for recipe?

And there are some composting tips, too. LM
This month in Edible Landscaping:

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