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December 11, 2010

Celebrate the Solstice: Saturday Dec 18

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A Winter Welcome to the Solstice —
The Celebration is Back!

Solstice Neighbors and Gardeners and those of Druidical Inclination:
Mark your calendars and make a point to join us for a warm up to Winter.

Saturday, December 18 at 3:30- 5PM

The W. 104th St. Community Garden.
Between Manhattan Ave. and Central Pk. West

What’s it all about? The Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) marks the shortest day of the year and the true beginning of winter. Many early cultures burnt trees and went nuts with dance and song. This was done in an effort to tease the sun back into showing more of itself so they could get back to planting, raising crops and probably griping about friends and family who weren’t applying themselves enough in the fields.

That being said, we at the West 104th Street Garden, use this event for a means to a good time while showing some real concern for those who don’t have food or fields and are likely not having a very good time at all.

What to expect:

  • A can drive (Donations going to City Harvest)
  • Weird Medieval music
  • A Solstice illumination spectacular
  • A warming fire
  • Plenty of hot cocoa (Yes, with marshmallows… Did you have to ask?) and tea time goodies
  • Burning of the T. E. Jaworek Memorial Solstice Duraflame Log
  • Introduction of the Minnie Mouse Fund for Garden Cat Care
    In memory of our late garden cat, Minnie, we would like to accept your spare change for our garden cats. Purge your home of the change sitting around in dishes, in the sofa, in jars and cans you are never going to cash in. Pennies welcome! Donate to the care and feeding of our exterminatin’ felines.

What to bring: A can of food to donate; Spare change for the cats; Good cheer!

What to wear: Something warm. This is an outdoor event.

Jean Jaworek and the 2010 Solstice Committee
Questions? Call (212) 865-3451



Lost Gray Fleece?

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Dear Gardeners,

Mardi Montgomery found a grey fleece vest on top of the cat houses on December 4. She has put the vest in the west garden shed.

Hope it will reconnect with its owner.

December 5, 2010

West Garden Private Property Cleanup

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Dear Gardeners,
In storing the West Garden benches today, we found all sorts of things that do not belong in the garden shed. This shed is for storing community supplies (e.g., cat food), not supplies people use for their personal beds (e.g., plaster of paris). Unauthorized material has been piled outside the shed. (Sorry, there just wasn’t room inside.) Please either take your personal materials home or throw them out. The same applies to things left in the aisles between beds. Do NOT leave things for the garbage crew to deal with; cleaning up after individuals isn’t their job.
Thank you for your cooperation.
The Steering Committee

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