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August 20, 2009

Tomato / Petunia Blight

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Hi all —

Spotting late blight in your garden beds, due to the heavy rains this season — via an article from Cornell Cooperative, in a Hudson Valley Master Gardener column today:

1) symptoms on leaves, stems or fruits are fairly dramatic , easy to spot. Nickel to quarter-size lesions that are blue-green or brown and look wet appear;

2) leaf or lesion edges may be yellowish, lime green or beige;

3) The edges of water-soaked lesions will be covered with white fungal growth that contains the contagious spores;

4) Petunias are closely related to tomatoes and potatoes, and may be infected, too, with similar symptoms.

SO– if you want fresh tomatoes and your plants suffered, head for the Stranger’s Gate Green Market, 106th & CPW, Saturdays from 10AM to 5-ish for the good fruits saved / harvested by local/regional farmers.

This may answer the questions many of you have asked the past few weeks about strange looking tomatoes and discolored petunias.



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