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October 23, 2012

Harvest Festival is Sunday, October 28

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Our harvest festival is going to be celebrated this Sunday, Oct. 28th. From 1 to 4 pm. We will have games, food, music and prizes. We count with you and your family presence to make of this event a successful one.

Also, the organizers will appreciate any generous contribution to the event…We welcome pies (food in general), drinks, prizes, and your time to help supervising one of the multiple activities we are planning. If anything else comes to your mind that you think might be good for the event, and was not mentioned, please contact Dinorah Matias-Melendez at: dinotias@rocketmail.com. Subject title: Harvest Festival.

Thanks, and hope to see you all on Sunday!

west 104garden harvest festival October 28, 2012
Download the flyer to post on your building bulletin board


October 21, 2012

October 22 Workday Minutes

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Minutes from October Workday

Weeding: blackberries still need weeding and was scheduled as a workday task.

Gazebo: did not find sandpaper so we will postpone sanding the floor for a makeup day.

Path Update: Path can’t be finished without Frank’s tools. He is out of the country. We will schedule a date to complete, and request one additional volunteer. Mary Kelly again expressed concern about the aesthetics of the path and her disagreement with the plan for completion, which was noted. Dinorah requested members’ patience and reiterated that the current condition is temporary.

Stage: the repair and/or replacement of the stage is postponed until next Spring as it has been confirmed that replacement will cost more than $500. In the meantime members are requested  to forward suggestions to the design committee. Alternative plans will be drawn up and presented to members for a vote in Spring 2013. We also now have an opportunity to seek grant funding to complete the project. Anyone interested should contact the Steering Committee.

Shed: task to clear out the flea market items from the East shed to make room for the chairs.

Pruning: Last workday, there were complaints that the fig tree was overpruned. Marc De Rocco, pruning committee chair, was contacted by the steering committee and agreed that pruning will only take place if expressly instructed by the steering committee. Jean asked to trim the top of the fig tree a bit and will trim back the crab apple tree.

Gift Tree: A gift (linden?) tree that was planted a few years ago in a community bed near the East Garden’s east wall is now overgrown and threatens our neighbor’s building. The current location was meant to be temporary, but it was never transplanted and now must be removed. It is likely that the tree will be destroyed. Members voted to remove the tree. Steering Committee will coordinate with Christine Barrow, who is in charge of the bed, to remove the plantings temporarily, so the tree can be removed without destroying any plantings.

Clean Up Day: Jean proposed a clean up day be added to the calendar for next season. Best days would be the weekend after Halloween/Harvest Festival.

Finances: Treasurer, Ariel Behring, gave the finance report. We are low in funds versus other years. Our current balance is around $3600. As we have been spending down our balance by about $2000 per year, the current budget is not sustainable. Ideas for raising funds include one or more of the following

-raising member dues
-budgeting more carefully
-more active grant committee
-allowing advertising (on website and/or event posters)
-pursuing more paid events, like film shoots and weddings

Additional suggestions and volunteers are welcome.

Wedding: Kim Maitland gave the wedding planner who requested use of the garden in June 2013 a quote of $1500 and did not get a response. It is likely that they are no longer interested. Kim noted that the Delay on our part was due to needing member approval, since the event would have required use of both gardens.

Plot numbers: A member complained that the plot numbers that were painted on beds is unattractive. Another member noted that some of the numbers we’re wrong. Dinorah noted that after the last bed audit, some plot numbers did change, but she would have a workday group verify the numbers and create a plan for a more aesthetic paint job.

Halloween decorations: there will be a separate date on Sunday 1-4 pm to hang Halloween decorations. Any donations appreciated. (Note, Dinorah Matias and Paula McKenzie put up almost all the Halloween Decor on Saturday October 20.)

October 12, 2012

Fig Cooking Demo at Wave Hill, Sat Oct 13

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Growing figs in New York City often evolves from a garden pastime into a garden passion. Fruit expert and fig fancier Charles Day shares cultivation information for growing your own Ficus carica in the ground or in a container. A chef from Great Performances shares cooking tips and figgy recipes for your anticipated backyard bounty. Free with admission to the grounds.

Saturday, Oct 13—2PM

Before you come, download a coupon to get a complimentary beverage with any $10 purchase from the Katchkie Truck!


October 10, 2012

Garden Workday – September 22 (Rain Date) Minutes

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  • Announcements
  • Recent Activities/Planning
  • Work Chores


  • Apologies for back and forth about rain date, glad you can make it.
    Thanks to Julia Soledispa, Christine Barrow and Jesus Torres for running another successful flea market, raising $510, over 1200 for the summer. Mary Kelly and Janice Vrana also helped with cleanup.
  • Fig harvest/Labor Day BBQ also a success; need to remember to clean the grill after a group event. Someone should be in charge. Check to see if it is clean.
  • Stray tabby that Katy found last month has a home.

Recent Activities/Planning:

  • Gazebo, flashing is complete, but rain and planned events disrupting our painting schedule. (Raleigh had reserved the gazebo for a party this afternoon, so we can’t do it today.) We will sand and prime during the October workday and paint at a later time TBD.
  • Stage: The condition of the stage has deteriorated to a point where the cost to repair exceeds the $200 threshold requiring member vote. This gives us an opportunity to discuss in more detail among members what should be done. A few proposals include removing it entirely, and seeding the area with grass, replacing it with a paved patio, constructing a new raised stage with more durable materials and moving the foot print to the other side of the garden. Each of these proposals require member discussion and a vote. Since it is a big deal, we will vote via email to include all members.
  • Mowing: It seems the last mowing was cut a bit close. It is not healthy for the grass to be cut so short (bad for root system with too much sun)   It’s important to mow no less than about 2- 2 1/2 inches or so. There are two mowers.  Mower in west shed has knobs, one on each side, to change height of blade.  If you fiddle with it you can see how it works.  Even when adjusted to good height, they made need readjusting as you mow.  But if set for about two inches, it shouldn’t change so much that you end up shaving the grass.


  • Events: Noreen will add a line to the Special Events application indicating that the grill must be clear of any trees to reduce the risk of a fire.
  • Stage: The design committee will discuss ideas and options for the stage redesign/repair and will solicit member input.
    Path: Completion of the path project is ongoing. The organizers of this project would like to request patience as this is a work in progress.
  • Lawn Mowing: The lawn mowing committee will place a label on the mower reminding mowers to keep the blade at the appropriate setting.
  • Wedding 2012 Inquiry: Melissa will research whether Green Thumb has guidelines or advice regarding hosting special events of this nature in our garden, with a focus on permit, insurance and liability issues. Katy, Kim and Noreen will work out details with the event planner, including a starting ask of $1500 for use of both gardens.



  • Go through the lumber pile behind the patio and get rid of anything that’s not useful. DONE
  • Repair the side of Barbara Garson’s bed that has collapsed.
    The rosebeds still need to have wood around them. DONE

Special Events:

  • There is a large black bag of flea market leftovers in the gazebo. We need some people to take it to the church thrift store.
    There are 3 cartons of books, stacked neatly under the Halloween & Xmas decoration boxes, in the small shed. I don’t have any good ideas for disposing of these. It was suggested that we try to do something with these as well, perhaps donate. DONE

West Garden:

  • Reseed front lawn and mark lawn off limits. Suzanne will bring the grass seed–perhaps someone can go and get a few large bags of dirt…Needs to be continuously watered for 2 weeks; DONE
  • Collect/ sweep/ rake all twigs and branches that have fallen down in storms and tie into bundles; DONE
  • Get rid of volunteer trees in communal beds–this will take some serious digging (will show you which ones). DONE
  • Take dead (and perhaps living?- ask Julia) morning glories off fence, so there aren’t old vines hanging all year long; DONE
  • Weed berry area and cut back dead canes; NOT DONE
  • Clear out green cold framebox  in preparation for next year — all containers should be emptied, and if people want to keep specific ones, they should be marked and put on potting shelf in East garden. Fix lid. NOT DONE
  • Throw away unneeded wood in back (Frank showed me which pieces) and around shed. DONE
  • Clean grill if still dirty. DONE

East Garden:

  • Deadhead the white (stand-alone) butterfly bush. DONE

ACTION: If you missed the September workday, you will need to get a makeup assignment. Please contact Noreen Whysel at Nwhysel@gmail.com or 212-662-2697. To get workday credit, please contact Barbara Schnoor at 212-567-0244 or barbarashohoji@yahoo.com, after you have completed your assignment.

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