West 104th Street Garden

May 18, 2010

Workday Thank You!

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Dear Gardeners,

A big thank you to everyone who came out Saturday (and those doing make up assignments). We moved almost a mountain of soil up the hill, one heavy wheelbarrow at a time, to fill the new individual beds, rebuild the lawn around the BBQ patio, and refresh the herb garden. The path between the new beds and the strip of garden along the fence was measured to ADA standards.The maze inside the rose arbor, which was badly overgrown, was uncovered and scrubbed. The tree pits are getting new soil. We now have a dwarf spruce (a legacy from Lucille) next to the East Garden gate. And more. It was an exceptionally productive work day!

Needed: special person (or two) to chair the Special Events committee. We had good ideas at the opening meeting—inviting speakers, hosting workshops, “café evenings” with local musical and other performers. Now we need one or two creative volunteers to put ideas into action.

Reminder: If you have a private event in the garden, you must take your trash back out. The Garbage Committee is not responsible for cleaning up after individuals. This rule applies whether you are having a party or a private picnic.

Again, great job Saturday.

The Steering Committee


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