West 104th Street Garden

February 17, 2011

Opening Potluck Brunch: Sun, March 13, 1pm

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Dear Gardeners,

We are pleased to announce that the opening meeting for the 104th Street Garden will be on Sunday, March 13 at 1:00 pm in the community room at the Schneider Apartments, 11 West 102 Street. This will be a potluck brunch, so please bring something delicious to share if you are able.

We will elect the season’s Steering Committee at this meeting and we would like to encourage garden members to participate. The Steering Committee is the democratically elected governing body of the garden tasked with coordinating the communal workdays, solving small problems as they arise and coordinating member votes on more large-scale proposals. In recent years these have included the decisions to install the rainwater harvesting system and new beds to accommodate a growing membership.

Whether you are a new or a continuing member of the garden, we encourage you to volunteer to run for a post on the Steering Committee. New ideas, fresh perspectives, and energy are healthy additions to the administrative well being of our garden community. Even if you are a long-time member of the garden who has served on the Steering Committee in the past, please consider running for Steering once again. Not only do we ask that you consider the impact your experience with the garden could make, but also to embrace the reality that there are a limited number of members in our community. We must all take a turn on a rotating basis and put in some time to keep our garden functioning so that this community resource nourished by you and others continues to thrive. We need you now.

In addition, Pam Wax is leaving the neighborhood and sadly will not be returning this season. We are enormously grateful for the stellar job Pam has done in coordinating the monitoring schedule, and now we need someone to take up the helm on this task. She is happy to explain the system she has devised for tracking and notification to anyone who will volunteer to take over from her.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the current Steering Committee members listed below.

W. 104th St Garden Steering Committee (2010 season)

Mary Kelly i.marya@verizon.net 212-807-0266
Nikki Kowalski nikster55@verizon.net 212-665-7897
Ann Levine siswi@aol.com 212-866-3378
Paula McKenzie paulatb2@verizon.net 212-222-6337
Shane Nye shanenye@yahoo.com 510-282-1992
Alan Tenney alan.tenney@gmail.com 212-663-1314
Janice Vrana jvrana@verizon.net 212-749-7875
Marcia Berry (treasurer) xanadu@nyc.rr.com 212-865-8630


February 10, 2011

Green Thumb Program Guide is Out!

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Green Thumb

The Spring edition of the GreenThumb Program Guide is out! That means the growing season is getting closer and it’s just about time to start planning your crops and starting seeds indoors! Look inside for more information on workshops, giveaways and events for the coming quarter including:

Making Brooklyn Bloom, Saturday, March 12
The GreenThumb GrowTogether, Saturday, April 2
Chicken Health & Husbandry (bilingual English and Spanish), Thursday, May 26

Does your garden need:

  • Seeds
  • Raised Bed Lumber
  • Fruit Trees .
  • Soil /Compost/Cleanfill Request
  • Hydrant Wrenches, Hydrant Adapters, and Hoses
  • Plant Starts
  • City Chicken Guide / Guía de la Ciudad de Pollo
  • Native Plants

Download the Program Guide here or at the bottom of the page for details!

Please note that garden members must attend workshops to receive supplies. All workshops are free and open to the public, with no pre-registration (unless otherwise noted). Workshops are rain or shine, canceled only in the event of lightning or other dangerous conditions. All supplies are for registered gardens only and are available first come, first served, while supplies last.

More Information

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