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July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

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As a reminder of upcoming events:
July 4th  – 4th of July Potluck at the garden (If it doesn’t rain) starting at 1pm. Bring something and share with your fellow gardeners.
July 11th (Next Wednesday) Working day 6pm to 8pm.
July 14th  Join us! 2nd Flea Market of the Season. Please find attached the promo in two versions. Feel free to help us spread the word by printing a copy and post it in a visible area of your building. Thank you!
Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!
(Membership Coordinator)

Workday Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2013

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June 8, 2013 Workday Minutes
[Craig led the meeting/workday for Katy in the garden]

SC members in attendance (2) – Craig, Ann

–Beekeeper Elaine Mathews gave a report on our bees. The hive is thriving, which signals that the bees like their queen. Bees are busy making honey (most of which they will need for winter their first year)–and babies. Elaine checks the hive once a week and will send a message before she will be there, via Ann or Sumana, so that interested gardeners can observe her work.

–Noreen has resigned from the Steering Committee, due to an overload of work and grad school commitments. Craig invited gardeners to volunteer for her position. SC will follow up with email to members.

–NWCPMBA meeting 7:00 pm Monday June 10 at Schneider Apts, with focus on city parks. Garden member Victor Calise will be a featured speaker. Parks Department has tentatively offered to hold Shape Up classes in the Garden.

–All individual beds have been assigned. (Some may appear bare because seeds have not sprouted.)

–Flea Market was a success, despite low attendance: $441 profit.

–West Garden Art Installation–Five Smooth Rocks–proposed. Artist will construct frame filled with wood chips, provide 5 smooth stones, and invite Garden members and visitors to arrange the stones as they like, then take and submit a photograph. Photos will be arranged as a collage. Vote: a large majority of members approved the project.

–Weeding: Due to recent rains, the Garden is overgrown with weeds. Members asked to take some time to weed whenever they come to the garden and to weed around their individual beds.

–Paul and Craig led rock project to repair and extend the cat terrace with good results.

–Decrepit bulletin board on the West garden fence was removed.

–Ann managed a productive crew on the west side weeding and working the soil around the rose garden.

–Guy rebuilt a broken plot frame in the East garden.

–East garden big gate was checked to confirm opening direction for truck deliveries; East gate swings out, West gate swings in. No corrections needed.

–Mary Kelly managed a crew to clear loose stones from the newly laid path on the far east border to the space between the sheds. Adjustments were made to insure they were safely stacked, but there is still some concern re: safety for children. To be reviewed and reassessed.

Thanks all who participated.

June 29, 2013

Composting Suspended Until Further Notice

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Important! Starting on July 1st, 2013.

The Compost Committee has decided to suspend all compost collection until further notice.
Dear Friends of Compost:

You have been too kind! And our compost program is a successful one.

Because WE have more compostable materials now than we can currently handle, please consider offering your beautiful, nitrogen-rich scraps to a green market compost collection site.  This will give us time to “cook” what we already have.


Greenmarkets @ Manhattan

We hope to begin receiving your kitchen scraps again later in the season. Please find attached a list of green markets that receive compost, encircled are our closest one.

Yours in Decay,

The West 104th Street Compost Committee Chair

June 10, 2013

Tonight: NW Central Park Multi-Block Association

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North West Central Park Multiblock Association presents:

Topic:  Our Parks…Access, What’s New and How to Get the Most From Them

Meeting:  6-10-2013, Monday
Location:  Schneider Apartments,  11 West 102nd Street
                      Btw. Central Park West and Manhattan Ave.
Time:  7:00 PM
Special Guest Speaker:  Victor Calise
Current Position:  Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities
Previous Position:  Accessibility Coordinator for Department of Parks and Recreation
Mr. Calise has worked in the service of the disabled community for over 15 years.
While working at for the City’s Parks Department he worked on Title II compliance for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provided technical assistance in the design of parks and developed a training curriculum to familiarize Parks employees with accessibility issues.
He has been a resident of our community for many years.  He and his family are active members of the West 104th Street Community Garden.
So come out and join us.  With summer coming up, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn about the recreation options in your own neighborhood.
And yes, there will be snacks and tea.  Did you even have to wonder?
Bring a neighbor.  See you there.

June 2, 2013

May 18 Workday Meeting Minutes

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Ann Levine presiding


Stage grant

  • $1000 from Citizens Committee for NYC.

  • Melissa wrote the grant to rebuild the stage.

  • Design committee will draw two designs for member vote.



  • Beekeeper, Elaine NYC beekeepers association will help with PR and problems.

  • Assembled in gazebo due to storm.

  • Fence 5ft height will be installed next week to keep kids away and draw bees upward for morning flight.

  • We will invite Elaine to next meeting to explain.

  • Jean noted we need to have room to open the gate. Hive will need to move to the east.

  • A sign was installed to explain hive to garden users.


Flea market is Saturday May 25, 11-6pm

  • Ann distributed flyers.

  • Donations can be dropped off Thurs or Friday in Gazebo or west shed if the is rain.

  • Christine noted that the books are gone. They were donated to housing works as part of shed cleanup. DInorah said that Julia was there when the books were donate.

  • Need volunteers, contact Julia 646-363-4513.


Nikki offered a spare ticket to Yankees Toronto game at 1pm today.


Rocks from 425 CPW available to use in garden

  • Task proposed to cart the rocks to the garden via wheelbarrow.

  • Use for projects around the garden, rock walls, cat area, herb garden, front gate along fences.

  • Peter marked areas to store rocks on east and west garden.

  • Ann called for a member vote to accept the rocks, citing a concern that it would be too much work, too many rocks, not enough use for them.

  • Vote: 24:2 in favor of bringing rocks over.


CP conservancy garden bulb toss

  • Noreen, Sherman, Anat, and Suzanne brought over bulbs.



  • Yenna brought the monitoring calendar.

  • Some people still need to sign up for monitoring dates.

  • Yenna explained that members need to respond to the calendar date invitation in order to receive reminders.



  • Both of our mowers area broken.

  • Sarah Hawkey offered to lend her building mower (104 by Grace church apts).

  • Buy new would be $120 or so.

  • Guy will try to fix the mower today.


Workday tasks:

  • Cart rocks to garden

  • Clean around west garden shed

  • Fix retaining boards or rocks in front of raspberry bushes behind herb garden

  • Invasive weeds move from eastern fence if west garden, volunteer trees

  • Tree stump removal, Jean lead

  • Bulbs can be planted, pansies can be planted in planter by west garden gate

Next meeting June 8

May 23, 2013

Impatiens Downy Mildew: Please don’t plant!

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Hi all,
The information below is important to all of us, specially because impatiens are one of the most popular annuals that are planted this time of year. Please take 5 minutes to read it. Thanks Robing for sharing this with us. Greatly appreciated!
_  __ __ __ __ __ ____ _ ___ __ __ _ __
Email from Robin…
I’ve been hearing about this new blight that’s infecting impatiens. It’s called Impatiens Downey Mildew (IDM) , which sounds suspiciously like the powdery mildew we already struggle with. Attached is the text from an article from Mass Hort society. Also a link to their page.
It seems important – they’re recommending that gardeners not plant impatiens this year.
Can someone please make sure this information gets out to the garden members 




April 13, 2013

April 13 Workday Meeting Minutes

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Dinorah Matias opened the meeting, welcoming new and old members.

Announcements and reminders:

  • Members must begin working their individual plots before May 31 to retain custody of their bed.

  • All members must sign up for Monitoring if they have not yet done so. (Yenna was present with the calendar.)

  • All members received copies of the current Member Roster, Calendar, and Committee list with the emailed meeting announcement.

  • The Steering Committee is working on obtaining soil and mulch, through Green Thumb and the Parks Department

  • The No Smoking signs have gone up (in English and Spanish). If you see anyone tossing butts in from the street, please stop them.

  • We need volunteers to conduct orientations for new members. Please contact Dinorah if you are willing.

  • This year is the *20th Anniversary of the Garden! Surely an event to be celebrated. Special Events Committee members–and others–please submit ideas for a very special event.

  • Mardi and Robin have arranged for a fabric artist from Senegal to come to the garden for a demonstration and workshop, tentative date June 1.//Suggestion from Robin: A craft and coffee klatch later in the season.

  • Composting begins Sunday April 14

  • Steering committee to investigate fabric recycling in the garden.

  • Plot maps are posted in the garden sheds.

  • The gutter on the building west of the garden has been repaired, so the cistern can be turned on.

  • East garden path completed

  • Congratulations to Barbara Garson on publication of new book

  • Free electronic recycling event to be held on April 21st

  • Next workday will be May 11

Workday tasks

  1. Removed volunteer trees in both gardens

  2. Cleaned West garden, esp. of branches and trash; put out benches

  3. Fixed plexiglass cover on West garden cold frame–to be completed

  4. Fill water barrels (To be completed)

  5. Sheds in both gardens cleaned and reorganized

  6. Began pruning and feeding bushes in rose garden–to be completed

  7. Compost site cleaned and readied for use

  8. Metal trellis on Bed 21 removed

  9. Furniture taken out, assembled and located

Garden Opening Meeting Minutes: March 17, 2013

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Garden opening meeting
March 17, 2013


  • Steering Committee: David Kaplan, Ann Levine, Katy Pederson, Noreen Whysel and Treasurer, Ariel Behr
  • 24 members, including Steering Committee.
The meeting convened at 1pm at Schneider Apartments, 11 West 102th Street, New York, NY.

Financial report

  • A copy of the financial report was distributed$5,755.64 balance is lower than we’ve have had in many years.
  • Flea market is an important source of revenue, almost as much as membership.
  • Major expenses in 2012 gazebo and veterinary services for spotlight the cat.
  • Lou noted that 5000 was the highest year total expenses we ever had.
  • Expected expenses for 2013 stage redevelopment
    • Rebuilt in 2005
    • Rebuilding will be difficult
    • Modular system, platforms
    • Take thoughts from members and discuss at workday
    • Melissa attempted to apply for a grant for the stage and will know in April if we get the funds. $827
  • David suggested separating capital vs operating expenses on the financial report.
  • Kevin Suggestion to have a fixed budget for each committee, chairs should send estimates of spending for the season to SC
  • Fundraising ideas,
    • Collect donations for expenses that go beyond a certain threshold
    • PayPal button on Facebook page, Chipin.com, ask Ariel (not tax deductible)
  • Center apt using BBQ without paying or cleaning up
    • Signage, lock BBQ, gate or mesh to make it harder to pass through


  • Assigned most to first and second choices
  • Several committees with no chairs.
    • Composting (Bridget was a possibility)
    • Design Grantwriting (Melissa and Peter offered to serve as chairs)
    • Inventory and Supplies (members voted to combine inventory as a subcommittee of maintenance and repair, SC will contact Janice)
    • Membership (Katy and Dinorah offered to serve as chairs)
    • Rose arbor (Kitty and Ann offered to serve as chairs)
    • Snow removal (Frank Gretch  offered to serve as chair)
    • Special events (Mardi and David offered to serve as Members, not chairs)
    • Telephone crew (SC will add Florice to members)
  • Car caravan (Paul and Mardi offered to serve as chairs. Mardi indicated that she is OK with this as long as it is understood that she can only do supply runs on Saturdays and requires advanced notice. She has scheduled to do a Grow NYC supply run, Saturday, May 11 and would like a helper or two. There is an additional Grow NYC event on Friday, May 10 if someone can attend.)
  • Picking up supplies counts as a workday/makeup: voted and approved.
  • A member roster with committee membership and contact details will be distributed to garden members.

Garden Calendar

  • The draft workday calendar was discussed.
  • Workdays are as follows (Please check web calendar for any adjustments):
    • April 13
    • May 11
    • June 8
    • July 10
    • August 14
    • September 7
    • October 19
    • November 9
  • Additional calendar dates:
    • May 25 Flea Market
    • June 21 Make Music NY/Solstice celebration
    • June 30 Flea Market
    • July 4 BBQ/Independence Day
    • August 19th Peach Picking Day (tentative, depending on ripeness)
    • August TBA Compost Workshop
    • September 8 Flea Market
    • September 14 Flea Market
    • September 23 Fig Picking Day (tentative, depending on ripeness)
    • October 26 Harvest Festival/Halloween party
    • November 17 Potluck/Closing Meeting
    • December 21 Solstice
  • Members vote to change the Sept workday from Sept 11 to Sat sept 7 approved.
  • The monitoring calendar was available for members to indicate monitoring dates. If you have not selected a date, please look for an email with instructions from the steering committee or contact us at info@west104garden.org. Yenna will enter monitors into the w.104.garden Google calendar and post a copy to the east and west garden sheds.

SC Election

  • Ann Levine distributed a ballot for 2013 Steering Committee members.
  • Steering Committee may have seven to nine members.
  • Candidates include:
    • Green Thumb Contact: Melissa (Glowski) Nicholas (re-instated with 23 voted)
    • Treasurer: Ariel Behr (re-instated with 24 votes)
    • Current SC members:
      • David Kaplan (re-instated with 21 votes)
      • Ann Levine  (re-instated with 20 votes)
      • Dinorah Matias-Melendez (re-instated with 24 votes)
      • Katy Pederson (re-instated with 23 votes)
      • Sumana Rachaudhuri (re-instated with 22 votes)
      • Noreen Whysel (re-instated with 24 votes)
      • Craig Nicholas (new member elected with 23 votes)


  • The garden lock combination remains the same.


  • Linda Prudhomme, block association liaison, invites all interested to attend a hearing on Monday, March 21 at 6:20, at the Children’s Aid Society auditorium, Frederick Douglass Houses, 104 and Columbus Avenue. The hearing is regarding a proposal to build four more 80/20 towers (30 stories each) around the Frederick Douglass houses.
  • Green Thumb’s GrowTogether is meeting on Saturday, March 23 from 8:30am to 4:00pm at Hostos Community College, 500 Grand Concourse – Bronx, NY 10451. The budgeting committee will discuss financing your garden.
  • NYCCGC Forum 2013 will be held on Saturday, April 27th from 9:30am – 4:00pm at The Cooper Union 7 East 7th Street. Register for the forum today.

New Business

  • Mardi reported that the water pipe on 20 West 104th Street needs to be repaired. The pipe was damaged during Hurricane Sandy and is required to operate the cistern water collection device. Kevin will contact Lenny Labrese to follow up.
  • Mardi also noted that an artist is interested in doing a weaving demonstration during a special event. Special Events does not have a chair, but the committee will be notified.
  • A cat was trapped in the garden and had two kittens. If you would like to adopt a kitten, please contact us at info@west104garden.org and we will put you in touch with the right people.

There being no further business, the opening meeting was adjourned at 3pm.

March 17, 2013

April 27: Stand for Our Land

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Register now for Stand for our Land!


Join New York City Community Garden Coalition, Fellow Community Gardeners, Parks Advocates, Friends and Allies for…

NYCCGC Forum 2013 :

Saturday, April 27th
9:30am – 4:00pm The Cooper Union 7 East 7th Street

Register for the forum today! As always, the NYCCGC annual forum is completely free of cost.

New York City Community Garden Coalition’s Forum 2013 will serve as a platform for mayoral candidates to go on record with their policies on community gardens, parks, and urban agriculture. We will also use this day to organize and inspire the grassroots movement to protect and increase our community gardens and open public spaces so New Yorkers can grow healthy food, learn from one another, celebrate our diversity, and nurture our planet and our communities.

Come to a planning meeting

Join us for our next  Forum planning session on Monday, March 18, 6:00 – 8:00pm, hosted by GrowNYC  – located at 49 Chambers St, Rm 212. This is your opportunity to shape the conversation around the future of our parks and community gardens! Workshop ideas and leaders welcome. Check our website for meeting updates and event announcements. The next meeting will be Thursday, April 4, 6-8pm, same location.

Don’t forget to register for GrowTogether!

GreenThumb GrowTogether
8:30am to 4:00pm
Saturday, March 23, 2013
Hostos Community College 500 Grand Concourse – Bronx, NY 10451

Click here to register.

You are invited on March 23 to join thousands of community gardeners and greening professionals from all over New York City for a day of learning, sharing, networking and greening inspiration at the 29th Annual GreenThumb GrowTogether!

GrowTogether 2013 will offer many workshops you may have missed out on in years’ past, like Bees & Beekeeping, Urban Chicken Keeping, and Basics of Community Organizing and will feature favorite workshops from past years, like Seniors Arts and Crafts and Improving your Soil Quality as well as exciting new topics, like A Farmer’s Yoga and many hands on workshops for youth gardeners!

Volunteer to help!

Help out our friends at GreenThumb and volunteer for the 29th Annual GrowTogether Conference! Volunteer opportunities include a Folder Stuffing Party (3/19 10am-6pm – come when you can); and both Spanish Interpretation and General Volunteer Help on the day of the event (3/23 all day). All volunteers must sign up in advance and will receive FREE admission to GrowTogether, breakfast, lunch, a T–shirt, and hopefully a fulfilling experience. Please contact Bianca Bockman (GrowTogether2013@gmail.com) for more information and to sign up.

Ask the city to support GreenThumb

You are all invited to come join GreenThumb and NYC Parks at the New York City Council Fiscal Year 2014 Preliminary Budget Hearing. Parks budget to be covered:

250 Broadway, New York, NY 10007
Friday, March 15, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

If you plan to testify, remember to ask the City Council to allocate money for GreenThumb. All their money is currently federal and they’re way under-funded…the City needs to start contributing! They’ve never paid for the amazing work that GreenThumb does.

Come to the next general meeting

Once again, NYCCGC will be hosting three general meetings simultaneously in three boroughs. Come to whichever is most convenient for you. Invite your neighbors and fellow gardeners. This meeting is a great opportunity to meet fellow gardeners and discuss common issues. We’ll also be giving legislative updates, membership updates, and, of course, talking about our upcoming forum.

Berger Jr. High School
Brook Avenue btw 141 & 142 Street (enter on Brook Avenue)

Offices of Brooklyn Queens Land Trust
677 Lafayette Avenue (at Marcy)
G train to Bedford Nostrand or #38 bus

Neighborhood Preservation Center
232 E. 11th Street

Join NYCCGC as an official member

Our long-anticipated new sliding-scale membership structure is live! You can sign up as an individual gardener, your whole garden can become members together, or you can join the movement as an ally. For more information, see our membership page.

Become a member TODAY and support NYCCGC, New York City’s independent voice for our community gardens!

November 12, 2012

Hurricane Relief from FEMA

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Most of us were very lucky: Manhattan Valley escaped Sandy’s wrath.
But if you have friends or family who are struggling, this might be helpful.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has activated its transitional shelter program, which allows those who cannot return to their homes because of storm damage to stay in participating hotels, motels or other housing. You must first register with FEMA at a recovery center, by calling             (800) 621-3362       or by going to DisasterAssistance.gov.

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