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July 4, 2013

Workday Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2013

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June 8, 2013 Workday Minutes
[Craig led the meeting/workday for Katy in the garden]

SC members in attendance (2) – Craig, Ann

–Beekeeper Elaine Mathews gave a report on our bees. The hive is thriving, which signals that the bees like their queen. Bees are busy making honey (most of which they will need for winter their first year)–and babies. Elaine checks the hive once a week and will send a message before she will be there, via Ann or Sumana, so that interested gardeners can observe her work.

–Noreen has resigned from the Steering Committee, due to an overload of work and grad school commitments. Craig invited gardeners to volunteer for her position. SC will follow up with email to members.

–NWCPMBA meeting 7:00 pm Monday June 10 at Schneider Apts, with focus on city parks. Garden member Victor Calise will be a featured speaker. Parks Department has tentatively offered to hold Shape Up classes in the Garden.

–All individual beds have been assigned. (Some may appear bare because seeds have not sprouted.)

–Flea Market was a success, despite low attendance: $441 profit.

–West Garden Art Installation–Five Smooth Rocks–proposed. Artist will construct frame filled with wood chips, provide 5 smooth stones, and invite Garden members and visitors to arrange the stones as they like, then take and submit a photograph. Photos will be arranged as a collage. Vote: a large majority of members approved the project.

–Weeding: Due to recent rains, the Garden is overgrown with weeds. Members asked to take some time to weed whenever they come to the garden and to weed around their individual beds.

–Paul and Craig led rock project to repair and extend the cat terrace with good results.

–Decrepit bulletin board on the West garden fence was removed.

–Ann managed a productive crew on the west side weeding and working the soil around the rose garden.

–Guy rebuilt a broken plot frame in the East garden.

–East garden big gate was checked to confirm opening direction for truck deliveries; East gate swings out, West gate swings in. No corrections needed.

–Mary Kelly managed a crew to clear loose stones from the newly laid path on the far east border to the space between the sheds. Adjustments were made to insure they were safely stacked, but there is still some concern re: safety for children. To be reviewed and reassessed.

Thanks all who participated.


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