West 104th Street Garden

June 21, 2010

6/17 Garden Mtg Recap‏

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Dear Members,

The meeting on Thursday was a really productive one. Thanks to all the members who turned out on both the 9th– when we worked after the rain–and on the 17th. A bench was built, communal beds were cleaned and earth was moved (!),

Thanks in advance to all the members who couldn’t make it who will perform their make up tasks in the next 2 weeks.

Here’s an overview of the meeting.

A BUDGET. With the growth of our membership and our healthy coffers the idea that we should begin to keep a budget was well received. We plan to have a working template ready for the 2011 season. So far we have 2 volunteers who will help us devise the budget. Any other volunteers are more than welcome and are encouraged to contact a Steering Committee Member to do so. In the meantime, SC members plan to work with their respective Committee Heads to develop sketches of the financial needs for each committee.

The issue of testing the WATER TESTING in the runoff tank on the W/S for growing vegetables has been pursued by SC Member, Nikki Kowalski. She has found that Rutger’s Univ. seems to be @ the vanguard of the issue and that the testing of the water requires repetitive and costly analysis to be considered conclusive. At this point, Nikki intends to approach Green Thumb to see if they may be interested in funding the analysis. In the meantime two of the water barrels on the W/S will carry only hydrant water and will be labeled as such.

FARMING CONCRETE. Those lucky enough to have attended the short meeting on the 9th–when it poured promptly @6pm–heard what Annette Jochum had to say about this organization that measures food production in NYC Community Gardens. On Thursday, the membership voted to give it a go. By dint of our relatively large size, it is likely that we would qualify for a federal agricultural subsidy. FC coordinates the collection of the data. Find in-depth info @ http://www.farmingconcrete.com

Starting in 2011 the membership renewal form will carry a new choice for committee participation, GARDEN SUPPLIES. This may be of particular interest to the avid gardener, raring to go at the beginning of the season or, for folks who are often out of town in the summer. What it will entail is making an inventory of garden supplies such as tools, watering cans et al. It will coordinate procurement of needed items and see to the repair of equipment such as watering cans, wheel barrows, hose, etc. in a timely manner at the beginning of the season.

Repair of footing for the ROSE ARBOR is under consideration. At present various materials are being considered for repair.

SPECIAL EVENTS Committee tasks will be managed by individuals on an event-by-event basis. Alan Tenney is covering the musical events. Lou Ludyny will handle the Halloween Party. Margaret Dabney will handle the July 4th Barbeque & she’s looking for volunteers to help with the event. We look forward to any persons who are interested in pursuing educational speakers regarding aspects of gardening, food production, etc… The door is also open to anyone who would like to manage a new event or, events that have been held in the past such as the Autumn Harvest Festival. Kindly contact a SC Member to volunteer.

CAR CARAVAN committee still needs members for occasional assignments

Removal of the SMALL PEACH TREE after peach season. This runt is relatively non-productive and in the way–esp. with the new rain collection barrel system that is coming soon to the E/S garden. Members voted to cut it down.

Our next meeting is on Saturday July 10, from 10-12am.


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