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January 13, 2010

Raccoon Rabies Advisory from CB7

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Raccoon Rabies Advisory
Manhattan (UWS, UES Central Pk and Morningside Pk Areas)

Rabid raccoons were recently found in Central Park and Morningside Park. For current information on rabid animals visit http://www.nyc.gov/health/rabies

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene requests that you:
1) Get your cat or dog vaccinated for rabies. It’s the law.
· Check with your vet to see if your pet is up to date on its shots.
· Keep your dog on a leash except for during off leash hours. Always keep a close eye on your dog when outdoors, especially when off leash.

2) Stay away from wild or stray animals. Keep children and pets away from them too.
·Raccoons, skunks, bats, and stray cats are more likely than other animals to have rabies.
– Observe and enjoy healthy wildlife from a distance
– Do not feed wildlife.
– Never approach a wild, stray, sick, or injured animal, no matter how helpless it looks. Instead call 311 or notify a Parks employee.
· Throw your trash in an appropriate trash container.

3) If you are bitten by an animal, wash the wound, consult a doctor,
and call 311 to report the bite.
· First, wash the wound with soap and water IMMEDIATELY.
· If you are bitten by a pet, get the owners contact information.
·Talk to a doctor right away to see if you need tetanus or rabies shots. If you don’t have a regular doctor, go to a hospital emergency room.
· Call 311 to report the bite.

Visit http://www.nyc.gov/health/rabies for more information and updated facts.

Community Board 7/ Manhattan
250 West 87th Street New York, NY 10024-2706
Phone: (212) 362-4008 Fax:(212) 595-9317
Web site: nyc.gov/mcb7 e-mail address: office@cb7.org


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